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Step by step, dry aging with the dry aging bags from drya

Nice that you have taken the step to start dry aging. On this page we explain step by step what you should pay attention to and how you can work the best.

The 5 steps that we explain in detail are:

  • packing the meat in the dry aging bags
  • let the air out of the bag with or without a vacuum machine
  • dry the meat in the refrigerator
  • the after-treatment when you take the meat out of the bag
  • the preparation of dry aged meat

It is very important to work hygienically at all times:

  • Work with clean hands (or with sterile gloves)
  • Always work on a clean surface
  • Work with clean tools and equipment

We are dealing with meat which is packaged and then starts to mature slowly. You are not waiting for bacteria to mature with it.

Step 1

Pack meat in the dry-aging bag

We start by packaging the meat in the special Tublin dry-aging bag. After you have thoroughly cleaned your hands and work surface, it is time to put the meat in the bag.

what you need:

clean hands or sterile gloves
Dryaging bags (Tublin)
A good piece of fresh meat

Fold back a portion of the bag (see photo), this prevents meat juices from falling between the “to be sealed” portion.

Carefully place the meat in the bag, try to ensure that you place the meat well in the back of the bag.

After this you can fold the bag back again, taking account that you keep the area to be sealed clean.

You can choose to cut off any excess material from the bag, but make sure that your scissors or knife is clean.

This step will take about 5 minutes time to preform.

Step 2

Remove air from the dry-aging bag

The second step of dry aging is to remove at least 85% of the air from the Tublin bag. The most obvious method is with a simple vacuum machine, but it is also possible without a vacuum machine

what you need:

Meat in a dry aging bag
A vacuum machine

Ensure that the bag is properly wrinkle-free and seal the corners in 45 degrees on both sides.

Place the included Drya Vac Strip in the opening of the bag. See also the supplied instruction card.

Remove the air from the bag with the vacuum machine and massage the air from the bag if necessary.

You can choose to close the bag in a number of steps and / or with a number of seals.

This step will take about 10 minutes time to preform.

Step 3

Dry-aging in your own fridge

When the meat is ready in the Drya bag, it can be placed in the refrigerator. To ensure optimum results, it is important that the meat is placed on a rack.

what you need:

A refrigerator set between +1 en +4 degrees Celsius
A rack
A (core) thermometer

Make sure your fridge is between +1 and +4 degrees Celsius. You can check this with a (core) thermometer.

Place meat on a rack, you must ensure that air can get around the meat.

After placing the meat on the rack in the refrigerator, you may not move it for the first 4 days (during this time the bag sticks to the meat).

It is important that the fridge is opened daily for the air exchange.

This step will take between 21 and 120 days depending on you own preferences.

Step 4

Preparing the steaks

When you have waited long enough you can take the meat out of the bag, divide it and finally cut away the crust.

what you need:

A sharp knife
Regular vacuum bags
A vacuum machine

Remove the meat from the bag. You can throw the bag away as this is for one-time use.

Cut the meat into steaks with a good sharp knife. Often these slices are 3 to 5 cm thick.

Carefully cut away the crust per steak, taking care that you do not cut away too much. Most taste is just below the crust.

if you are not going to prepare the meat immediately, we advise you to store it in a regular vacuum package in the refrigerator or freezer.

This step will take about 30 minutes to preform.

Step 5

The preparation of your dry-aged meat

This is the moment you have been waiting for! You are finally going to prepare your own dry-aged meat. The methods are of course varied, but we do give a few tips.

what you need:

A grill or a pan
Salt and pepper
Craving for the best meat you will ever taste

Make sure that you let the meat comes up to room temperature.

Prepare the meat subtly, there is up to 20% moisture loss from the meat, so you cannot prepare it (long-term) hot.

We prefer not to season the steaks too much. Salt and pepper is sufficient for this wonderful meat.

you can certainly choose to prepare this meat “sous-vide”, so you can be sure that you are protecting the meat.

This step will take about 10 minutes to preform.

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