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    The medium sized bags are suitable for serious pieces of meat, but they are easy to seal in most vacuum machines due to the width of 25 cm. This package includes 5 FREE Drya Vac Strips (worth € 3.95)

    easy to seal

    up to 7 kg of meat in 1 bag

    dry aging without high investment

    world wide shipment available

    Package the meat

    Pack your meat in this dry aging bag of 25x50cm using a vacuum machine, or with a few tie wraps and a container of water.

    For the use of the dry aging bags in combination with a (consumer) vacuum machine, we also supply the drya vac strips. You simply place these strips in the opening of the bag during the vacuum, to achieve a perfect seal.

    If you want to pack without a vacuum machine, this is also possible. Use 2 tie wraps (not included). Place the tie wraps around the opening of the bag after you have placed the meat in the bag. Gently lower the bag into a container of water so that the air comes out of the bag. Then tighten the tie wraps to close the bag.


    • use meat as fresh as possible
    • leave the meat wet and do not pat dry
    • place the meat on a rack in your refrigerator
    • ensure a temperature between 1 and 4 degrees (this may well fluctuate)
    • open the fridge regularly for the supply of fresh air
    • Fat meat is often more suitable for dry aging than lean meat

    Dry aging is simple and delicious. If you work cleanly and pack the meat as described, all you have to do is wait. Our advice is to reserve between 21 and 120 days for the dry aging process. Most of our customers choose a maturation of 30, 40 or 60 days.


    The patented Tublin® membrane allows you to dry-age yourself without having to purchase a special climate controlled cabinet. This membrane has the following properties:
    – oxygen permeable
    – moisture draining
    – bacteria protecting
    This special combination of properties creates a microclimate around the meat. So you don’t have to worry about the humidity and air flow; only the temperature that has to be between 1 and 4 degrees celsius to make perfectly dry aged meat with these bags

    What does dry aging do with the meat?

    Extremely tender, super soft, full of flavour; some remarks that we often hear. Because of what dry-aging does with your meat is just simply phenomenal. The enzymes in the meat break down the muscle tissue, making the meat super tender. So you can also choose to dry-age less tender meat (such as a neck piece or breast meat). Without dry aging, this stew is suitable for minced meat. But after a period of 4 or 5 weeks in a dry aging bag it is more tender than a nice steak.

    Nutty taste

    Depending on the composition of the meat, in combination with the fat (on and in the meat) there is an additional change in the meat. In addition to the tenderness, a nice full and nutty flavor is added to the meat. The strongest taste is on the outside of the meat; just below the crust. Most people choose to keep the dried meat as natural as possible. No additions of marinades and rubs but just pepper and salt

    Drya QCP

    Drya products are based on the QCP® technology (Quality Curing Process), which ensures that a barrier against contamination, bacteria and mold growth is created while the meat can be dried.

    Drya DB-20 / DB-25 / DB-30 / DB-40

    Controlled dry aging in existing refrigerations, with the products from Drya little is needed to “Dry Age” at a high quality level. The only thing needed is the desired meat, a suitable vacuum device, a cooling with a working temperature between 1 and 4 degrees Celsius and the bags of Drya.

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    Tublin 10 Membrane

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