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    Drya DB40 dry aging bags of 40x70cm are the largest bags in our range and suitable for … yes, really large pieces of meat. You can store up to 9 kg in 1 bag.

    Packed: per 5 pieces
    Including: drya vac strips

    Easily dry-dry in your own fridge in 3 steps:
    Step 1: pack the meat in the Drya DB40 dry aging bag (cut to size if necessary)
    Step 2: remove the air from the bag with a vacuum machine or one of our other methods
    Step 3: place it in the fridge and let the meat dry

    Bones and meat

    Many users prefer to dry age meat with bones such as a rib eye with bone. It has a significant influence on the process and the associated taste. However, bones in the rib eye can cause the bag to tear. This is not a problem in the course of the dry-aging process, but we don’t want it in the first week. You can do a number of things to prevent this:

    • remove or saw off protruding bones
    • file sharp edges
    • cover the bones with kitchen paper

    The latter is the simplest and most used method. You moisten the kitchen paper and fold it a number of times until a cushion has been created. You place this at the place where you want to protect the bag against the bone on the rib eye. You can simply leave the kitchen paper in the bag. If it is not too wet, this will not affect the process.


    The patented Tublin® membrane allows you to dry-age yourself without having to purchase a special climate controlled cabinet. This membrane has the following properties:
    – oxygen permeable
    – moisture draining
    – bacteria protecting
    This special combination of properties creates a microclimate around the meat. So you don’t have to worry about the humidity and air flow; only the temperature that has to be between 1 and 4 degrees celsius to make perfectly dry aged meat with these bags.

    Reverse sear bereiding

    Logically, meat loses a lot of moisture during the dry-aging process. This can quickly be between 20% and 35%. Because a lot of moisture comes out of the meat you get a more intense taste, but the meat also becomes a bit more sensitive. We therefore recommend that you prepare the meat either sous-vide or reverse sear. With the last method you first heat the meat at a low temperature (for example 110 degrees Celsius) and then sear it.

    Nutty taste

    Depending on the composition of the meat, in combination with the fat (on and in the meat) there is an additional change in the meat. In addition to the tenderness, a nice full and nutty flavor is added to the meat. The strongest taste is on the outside of the meat; just below the crust. Most people choose to keep the dried meat as natural as possible. No additions of marinades and rubs but just pepper and salt.

    Revolutionair Dry Aging

    There is a tendency in the food industry in particular to develop packaging with increasingly high barrier properties in order to extend shelf life. Drya is the exact opposite

    Drya products are based on the QCP® technology (Quality Curing Process), which ensures that a barrier against contamination, bacteria and mold growth is created while the meat can be dried

    With Drya a microclimate is formed around the product. This makes it possible to mature different products close to each other without affecting each other. The microclimate also ensures a stable maturing process without the need for monitoring and adjustment of the temperature, airflow and humidity.

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    Dimensions25 × 30 × 1 cm
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    Tublin 10 Membrane

    Maximum Gewicht

    6kg to 9kg


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