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Do you need advice ? Call our customer service +31(0)85 - 060 64 66
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Do you need advice ? Call our customer service +31(0)85 - 060 64 66

Drya Tublin Bags:
the best dry aging bags

only add meat

the secret behind New York steakhouses

Develop a rich taste, beautiful texture and extreme tenderness. How long you should dry age is a matter of taste, however we can ensure you that when you taste it, you wil love it.


“after a period of aging, meat will develop a full and rich taste”


“Who wants a good peace of meat, will have it aged. It develops a full taste and tender texture.”


“the natural enzymes in the meat deteriorate the muscle, inflicting it with tenderness and leaving behind not only that enriched nutty flavor”

Dry Aging at Home

It has been possible for a longer time to dry age at home with a dedicated cabinet, but now you can do this in your normal fridge with our special dry aging bags. In your regular houshold fridge, at home. And you can enjoy the beautiful and full taste of genuine dry aged beef.

Pack it

Pack your meat in the bag

Let the are out

Remove the air from the bag

Dry Aging

Put it in the fridge

And that’s it, all you got to do now is wait. We advice you to wait for at least 21 days, most of our customers prefer 28. You can experiment and define your taste with each peace of meat; dry aged at home.

Let the moist out, and the taste in

You can compare it with a sauce, the further you cook it, the fuller the taste will get. And this is how the Drya bags work. The Tublin membrane will let the moist evaporate whilst protecting the meat from outside influences.

You can dry-age with Drya in any normal fridge with a temperature between 1 and 4 degrees Celsius

Drya.NL – The online Dry-aging shop | order your dry aging items here is the online dry-aging shop of the Netherlands, because of the large assortment and the good service we guarantee quality. In our wide range you can find everything that has to do with dry-aging. You can not only buy dry aging bags from us, but also vacuum machines, racks, himalayan salt blocks, rubs, dry-drying bags on roll, starter packs, assortment packaging and much more! We ensure that all newest products are directly on our website when they are available.

Professional Dry aging

All dry-aging items from are made with the Tublin membrane. This is fully BRC approved, so this can be applied by both consumers and the professional user. With the BRC food packaging approval, this can in fact be applied within the food production environment as well as in a catering kitchen or butcher shop. If you are interested in purchasing in large volumes, you can always contact us; at higher volumes we always make a customized price agreement.

Dry aging in the US

The dry aging bags from are made from the Tublin membrane; this membrane has been chosen because of the proven success it has achieved in the United States. The Umai Dry brand has been active for years and has even won a number of prizes with its products. Just like, Umaidry uses the Tublin membrane technology. So if you already have experience with these products, you can switch to drya in no time. All Tublin products can be found in the webshop with the mention of the Tublin brand. Drya Nederland is the proud and official partner of the manufacturer of Tublin

Benefits of

Our online dry-aging store offers dry-aging items in the Netherlands. Because of our favorable location at Eindhoven, we can deliver quickly throughout our entire service area! We strive to deliver products in stock within 1 working day. Products that we do not have in stock are delivered by our carriers within 1 to 3 working days. So if you are looking for an affordable online dry aging shop with a large assortment, then you’ve come to the right place at! Are you looking for products that you cannot find on our website, then our customer service is ready to help you

Promotions and offers

On our sales page we regularly have new dry-aging items and starter sets on offer. Especially in the bbq season there are attractive deals with high discounts. So keep an eye on this page!

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